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Steve Rose

Steve RoseSteve moved to Seattle after high school, where he worked in one of the great shops in the Pike Place Market District. He passed away in the late eighties. If you have any stories to share about Steve, please share.

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07/24/08 11:08 AM #1    

Karen Berry

I last saw Steve in 1983, soon after my first daughter was born. He was living in Portland, working as a bartender in a cool downtown club, enjoying life away from Yakima and those strange high school rules about what was acceptable and what wasn't. He was as always handsome, hilarious, offbeat, and full of life and love. We didn't stay in touch because he didn't stay in Portland. I hope he had a great life.

10/22/09 05:20 PM #2    

Donna Feist (Schroeder)

Well about Steve Rose,I grow up with Steve when my parents bought a home on 6th ave.He lived on 5th ave his backyard to my backyard.At the age of 4yrs.old we played alot together.He went to Broadway school,I went to Hoover.
Looking back we did alot of crasy things.I had some puppies that had died and Steve and I had a funral for them,We pulled alot of tricks on people,his mom the most.
When he was in jr.hi Lewis and Clark The girls liked him,boys disliked him.They always wanted to fight him.I ended up fighting them,sometime Steve did start it but I would end it LOL.Steve was very much the the artist,won blue ribbins at the fair for his art.He like to go to yard sale and collected alot of stuff.He liked Land of the Giants and made a place in the back yard with a model ship and used dolls for the crew of the ship LOL.He would make up legs and feet of the crew with his mom's tampon tubes,he would paint them and really looked real then he would have me take pic's like he was the giant grabbing them LOL.Steve and I was Candystriper's at St.Elizabeth hospital for awhile.Steve was always fun to be with.Steve live a differant kind of life then most of us,but i still loved him.We would skip school alot,go to his house to hide.Untell I got a car LOL.We would go to Seattle and party sometimes the hole week,mostly on the weekends,we got fake I.D.'s Steve lived mostly in Seattle,but he did live in L.A.The weekend before he died He asked me to give him a ride to see His mom and I did.We spent the day together with his mom and talked about when we where kids and what we did that she didn't know about,looked at old pic's,and I went to stay at my mom's house.The next day I went to see Steve He wanted to give me a make over so I let him,Died my hair and cut it.I asked him if he wanted to go back to Seattle with me he said no that he was going to stay with his mom.So I came back home.The next day his mom called me told me that Steve passed away.
Later she found out the it was accidental over dose of med's he was taking.She said he took his med's that night and went to bed,she went in to wake him and found him.
Steve had changed his name to DeVito when he was in L.A.
Steve had alot to offer his friends knows this,people who didn't give him the chance to be a friend lost out..I think of him all the time.I miss you Steve...Donna S..

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